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Alaska Airlines is an old airline situated in the metropolitan range of Seattle, Washington. Initially, the Alaska airline was known as the McGee Airways which took its first flight in 1932.the number of flights has increased since then covering hundreds of destination worldwide. The places covered are Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Costa Rica, United States and Mexico. The airline has its operating base at Seattle–Tacoma International Airport which is also known to be called as sea-tac. Although most of its revenue and traffic comes from locations outside of Alaska, the Alaska airline operates accordingly. A wide range of places is covered by this airline with more and more recent add-ups to the existing fleet.

On-board amenities

Alaska airline was the first ever airline to introduce on-board entertainment by introducing portable AVOD. In support with amazing audio-visual experience, Alaska airline provides Wi-Fi system in most of its flights except those to and from Hawaii. This Wi-Fi system is fee-based but allows you to surf you heart content while having a flight. Another unique feature of Alaska airline is its Board Room. it is the Alaska Air Group air terminal parlor and is situated in four west coasts i.e. Anchorage, Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle. In this special feature, members receive a discount of 50% on their initiation fees which starts from 50$ for a single day pass up to 900$ for a three-year membership.

Web services and check in

Web check-in facility is awarded by Alaska airline a few years ago. This service enables you to book and print your boarding pass 1-24hrs prior to departing schedule.


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